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WSCC Dance Center

The WSCC Dance Center offers a wide variety of classes under the direction of Kim Curtin. Learn to dance and feel good about yourself in a family oriented environment where everybody fits in! For more information or to register, call Kim Curtin at 412.829.5467. Below is the schedule of classes. Classes begin Monday September 14th.  



5:00—5:40                       Beginner Ballet II

5:40—6:20                       Beginner Jazz II

6:20—7:00                       Beginner Tap II

7:00—8:00                      Intermediate Jazz

8:00—9:00                      Intermediate Tap


6:00—7:00                      Adult Tap I

7:00—8:00                      Adult Jazz II

8:00—9:00                     Adult Tap II


11:00-12:00                   Adult Tap

5:00—6:300                  Beginner Hip Hop (ages 7-11)

7:00—8:00                    Intermediate Hip Hop (ages 12 & up)


5:00—6:00                     Ballet/Tap Sampler (ages 3 & up)

6:00—6:45                     Beginner Ballet III

6:45—7:30                     Beginner Jazz III

7:30—8:15                     Beginner Tap III


10:00—11:30                  Intermediaté Ballet

11:30—12:15                  Pointé

12:15—1:15                    Adult Ballet



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