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VO-CO-TRUYEN – The Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts

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Time 10AM to 11.30AM

Age 14+ Fee $38 per month (only fee, non-refundable, not including uniform, shoes) Uniform and shoes are required to practice.

Vo-Co-Truyen is ancient battle techniques and training methods that Viet people have developed and transmitted through generations in famillies, villages to defend themselves. It was also used to train emperors’ army to protect the nation. Since 1990, Vo-co-truyen has been collecting throughout the country for studying and conserving as a heritage of Vietnam. Nowadays, Vo-co-truyen is being practiced in many ways for diferrent purposes: wellness, meditation, art performance, sport, or professional duties. There are presently more than a million practitioners at all ages in Vietnam. Worldwide, it is becoming popular with establishment of national federations and an World Competition every two years.

The Vo-co-truyen standard program for training and competition, which is applied by the most federations, contains 18 forms of fist and the five basic weapons. These forms come from 18 schools in different regions of Vietnam. Each form presents a method of training to enhance battling skills for a specific physical stature. Besides martial arts practicing, Vo-co-truyen also includes cultural activities such as martial drums, monocorn-dragon-tiger dance, and other traditions.

Further information and inscription, please contact instructor in class or email


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