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Detroit/Urban Style Ballroom


Learn the smooth, cool dance steps of Detroit / Urban Style Ballroom.  This dance combines the smooth gliding of Greystone, the footwork of cha-cha and the spins of hustle.  You’ll be dancing to Motown, R&B and a little bit of Jazz.  Add this class into your healthy lifestyle or start a healthy regime by taking this class.  It provides a low to medium cardio workout.  No partner necessary.  See you at class! Questions? Contact Darlene Halicki,  412.498.7623 or

Detroit Urban Style Ballroom Ongoing Tuesdays 6.45pm-8.15pm   $3.00 per class. You will  learn  the basics and can continue on.  We’ll work on more complex combinations & step patterns.  Kick up your dance skill level, fine tune your technique, and  develop a smoother style.  As always, we’ll drill…drill…drill…until you’ve mastered the steps.  See you at class!


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