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The Wilkins School Community Center has several rooms available for rent, including a kitchen, a large classroom, a multipurpose room and a dance room. Some are available by the day and others by the year.

Main Room (stage)

Main Room comes with the use of the kitchen and is rented at $150 plus a $150 refundable deposit. A WSCC membership is required for rental privileges. This is includes 4 hours of rental with extra time to set up and clean up. See clean up rules below*.


Kitchen can be rented alone at the rate of $25 per hour weekday evenings or weekdays with three hours minimum use.


A continuous use of a classroom (for ongoing classes or programs) is  $20 per hour.
A one-time rental has a $75 minimum fee and includes three hours use.

Dance Studio

Dance Studio:

  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Open Floor


Additional Spaces

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

Art Gallery


Art Gallery

Exhibit space is available for a minimum of 3 weeks to maximum 6 weeks, Thursday through Wednesday, $75 per week. An additional, refundable $75 security deposit is required to reserve exhibit dates. Full rental fee is due 6 weeks prior to beginning exhibit date. Artists must agree to host at least one public event such as an exhibit opening and at least one demonstration or artist talk. The gallery is 12 foot by 21 foot.

For complete details email Francine Vandenberg at


Photo above is of a pastel by Francine Vandenberg


  • All trash must be bagged and placed in the outside dumpster.
  • Sweep or mop floor if needed.
  • Return all chairs and tables to their original storage place, the chair and table racks in the hallway. If you borrow chairs and tables from other rooms, you must return them to the room they were borrowed from.
  • Turn off the lights, close all windows, and return the heat thermostat down to 60 degrees, turn the ac up to 78 degrees.
  • Lock front door and return key through the mail slot by the front door, if you were issued a key.

All set up and clean-up is done by the renter.
We have tables and chairs for your use.

All renters are required to obtain a Certificate of Insurance from their renters or homeowners insurance company that is proof of coverage for their event at the WSCC. This may be a service that is offered for free under your current policy.

Beginning January 2016, all renters will be required to be members of the WSCC.

Some nonprofits may be eligible for a discounted rate.

For more information or if you are interested in booking a room, please contact us here.