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Heavy Burden Watercolor Tutorial #112420


Sold By: Marci Mason Water Color


Virtual Watercolor Painting with Marci Evancho Mason

Heavy Burden #112420

This is one of the easier ones and I know you will enjoy this one. It is repetitive but pretty much straight forward. No miskit and just some salt. Do not try to do this without sketching in the snow on the trees. You will be lost. Do one tree at a time.

This will be the LAST video for this year. December is a time for holiday, family and rest. We resume videos the second Sunday in January 2021. The zoom get together for this painting will be Tuesday December 8, 2020 at 5PM and/or 7. THIS is optional. Happy Painting!

The video will be released January 24, 2021.

These tutorials are both verbal and demonstrative. They can be watched on any device that has an internet connection; can be viewed as many times as you want, any time that you want, for a minimum of 90 days. They can be paused, stopped and restarted. There is also an optional ZOOM meeting a few days after each release date to see you and answer any questions you have. The ZOOM information will be included with the link.

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