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Ageless Yoga Class


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Saturdays 9am – 10am

This class is perfect for those who are somewhat fit and beginners with some yoga experience.

NEW! $100 for an 10 class pass or drop in for $15 per class, register for a pass below.

Ageless Yoga is a carefully crafted 60 minute vinyasa power flow yoga class set to a curated playlist designed to start gently and build to a powerful flow and then move you on to the floor for back bending, hip openers, and inversions. This class strengthens, balances, and tones your entire body and mind. The class is appropriate for beginners and yet challenging enough for the experienced yogi.

Cathy Reifer has completed 200 hours training and certified with the Yoga Alliance. Cathy started to practice Vinyasa Flow Power Yoga 2006 after undergoing a total hip  replacement. Yoga has provided a safe path back to true health and wellness as well as a stronger more flexible body and new appreciation and gratitude for life. After turning 60 years old this year, with the realization and reality of how fast life is moving, Cathy made the decision to take the next step and learn to teach. Being of the Baby Boomer generation herself she believes Yoga can only be a great asset in helping to accept the transitions of aging, body, mind and spirit, with grace, strength and gratitude. Cathy leads by example that you are never too old, or too injured, or not flexible enough to practice Yoga, the benefits are too numerous not to.

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