What Our Members Are Saying

“Eleven years ago, just after moving to the East End, I walked into Wilkins School Community Center because I was curious to find out what kinds of programs and activities were held there. I was enthusiastically welcomed and immediately sensed that this was a special place where creativity and friendship thrived.”

– Francine VandenBerg

“Our watercolor class at WSCC has become a welcoming family. We truly enjoy our friendships, and we are always happy to welcome new members to the group. We not only share watercolor classes, we share each other’s happiness, sadness and everyday events. Some of our members have been in the class for YEARS. I think that says something.”

– Marci Mason

“WSCC is a dynamic place that offers numerous classes and events for the community.  It is a place where you can learn new skills, attend great events and make new friends. My life has been enriched as a result of being involved in WSCC, and I look forward to taking more classes in the building.  WSCC is a vital part of the Pittsburgh community!”

– Marlene Green

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Here are just a few WSCC offerings from recent months and years.

  • Musical performances
  • Art exhibits
  • Writing classes
  • Fitness programs
  • Dance classes
  • Community dinners
  • Cooking workshops
  • Food truck visits
  • Language classes
  • Self-defense workshops
  • Holiday activities
  • Sustainability programs
  • New-to-you book sales
  • Birthday parties and family events
  • Jewelry making workshops
  • Gardening groups
  • Playground projects
  • Children’s theatre camps