Our Instructors

About Anna Morin:
Anna believes yoga is achieved anytime a person connects to deeper layers of awareness. Practicing yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation helps train the body and mind with movements and mantras to make a positive impact on the practitioner’s whole life. Anna sees yoga as the unity of awareness, strength, and kindness in everything, we do, say and touch.

Anna’s personal practice of yoga comes from a place of open-hearted curiosity toward the study of self, body, mind, and the interconnected relationships we all share.

When you come to Anna’s class you will be asked to observe and calm the body, breath, and mind in the present moment and throughout daily life.

Bradford Mumpower is a self-taught fashion designer and artist based in the East End of Pittsburgh. When working with fabric, Mumpower often works with bright, bold prints and colors. He has a passion for using unconventional materials like maps, trash bags, candy bar wrappers, and icicles to create anything from clothing and wearable sculptures to large art installations. Mumpower’s work has been seen in Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. He also enjoys teaching the art of sewing and fashion design to adults and children.

Brad has his studio on the second floor of WSCC and can be contacted at bradmumpower@mac.com.


About Rob Mathers:

Rob has had a lifelong interest in learning martial arts. After 3 decades, he gratefully acknowledges the many teachers, mentors, senior students, training partners, and sparring sessions that have instructed, pushed, encouraged, corrected, provided feedback and
suggested methods for improvement. Among these experiences, Rob would like to specifically thank Mr. Gary Myers, Sifu Zhang Yun, and Haniti Wesley Crisostomo.

In 1994, Rob started learning Kung Fu and Arnis with Mr. Gary Myers in Garner North Carolina. In 2006, he was promoted to 3rd degree black belt. These early years of training provided a solid foundation and a thirst to learn more. Since 2004, Rob has greatly appreciated the detailed training from Sifu Zhang Yun (www.ycgf.org). Rob has been formally accepted as an
in-door student and lineage holder. In 2013, Rob began learning Pinakatay Arnis with the
Crisostomo family (www.pinakatay.com). Presently, Rob has been promoted to instructor and
holds the rank of Bagani.


About Mona:
Mona MacDonald is a certified self-defense instructor and owner of Lioness Martial Arts. She specializes in teaching empowerment self-defense (ESD), and most enjoys seeing the transformation in students as they gain skills and build confidence! Mona is a black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate, and has recently begun studying Taijiquan. She is a member of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors.

Mona teaches four empowering and fun classes. Classes are a supportive atmosphere, were you will explore a variety of options to help increase your confidence and personal safety in all kinds of situations – from handling an uncomfortable verbal encounter to stopping a physical assault.

Topics include:
• Awareness and assessment skills
• The power of intuition
• Setting and defending boundaries
• Image projection
• Verbal self-defense strategies
• Effective (and easy-to-learn) physical techniques

Designed especially for beginners and open to all women — cis and trans — these classes are appropriate for all ages (16+) and physical abilities!

Mona can be reached at info@lionessmartialarts.com.


Francine VandenBerg’s lively and enthusiastic teaching style encourages others to discover hidden talents, develop a creative vision and enhance painting confidence and skills in a variety of mediums. She is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League, and The Pittsburgh 10 Plus.

Francine teaches the Artists Studio and WSCC monthly paint nights.
Artists Studio provides an opportunity to develop and expand individual creative vision and skills, explore techniques, mediums, and enhance painting confidence and skills. Participants provide their own supplies and work from their own or instructor-suggested source material in a supportive environment. Easels and incidental materials are provided.

Francine can be reached at flvandenberg@gmail.com


On a professional level, Carol thinks of herself first as an educator, independent of the subject matter. She has taught within the traditional educational system, with students at every level from preschool through post-graduate professional education. She has led educational strategy classes for other teachers and has worked with parents on how to help their children learn. She has also taught a range of informal courses that help people continue to learn and grow throughout their lives.

In her decades as a university faculty member, Carol taught a range of courses using mathematics: calculus, geometry, statistics, computer science, and, most relevant to her later choices, scientific visualization. As a volunteer Master Gardener, she teaches about gardening. And since 2008, she has focused even more of her teaching on what had begun as an after-work hobby: the design and creation of art jewelry and other small adornments. She also sells her wares at scheduled events in her WSCC studio, as well as at other shows and galleries in western PA and NY.

Carol’s studio can be found on the second floor of WSCC. Shoppers are welcome to stop by when she is onsite. Carol also offers classes that are $10-15/hour + materials (depending on your skill and the metals in use that month).

Current happenings can be found on Facebook.


About Gaye and Wayne:

Gaye Fifer lives in Regent Square with her partner, Wayne Albright. They have been waltzing and teaching together for over 20 years and have taught waltz workshops at numerous dance events around the country. Their teaching focuses on the skills and nuances of awareness, timely leading, and following. The style of waltz they teach is contra, or American folk, waltz, rather than Viennese or ballroom.

Classes offered at WSCC on Thursday evenings

Beginning waltz 7 – 8 PM:  The class will focus on basic waltz steps, with an emphasis on the nuances of clear leading and aware following.  Much of what we teach concerning communication and connection with the music and with your partner is applicable to many forms of dance.  No partner is necessary.

Intermediate waltz 8:15 PM – 9:15 PM: We will teach a variety of moves in order to practice the skills of leading & following.