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The WSCC features over 50 classes annually, and our course offerings are updated regularly. Classes are taught by experienced professionals.


Baby & Me Dance                        Sat May 14 11am-12pm      BaM Choreography

WSCC Dance Center                        Mon-Thurs, Sat TBA           Kim Curtain

Chicago Style Steppin’                    Wednesday 7-9pm               Karen Gist

Detroit/Urban Style Ballroom       Tues & Wed, 12:30-2pm    Darlene Halicki

Salsa                                                    Wed 7-9pm                           Connie Durning

Belly Dance Mixed Level                 Mon 7-8pm                           Nawal

Beginning Waltz                               Mon 7pm-8pm                     Gaye and Wayne

Waltzing Beyond the Basics           Mon 8pm-9pm                     Gaye and Wayne


T’ai Chi Ch’uan                          Mon, Tu, Th, Sat, Sun TBA        Stan & Patty Swartz

Aikido Kokikai                           Mon, Th, Sat TBA                        Barbara Litt

Ageless Yoga                               Sat 10-11am                                  Cathy Reifer

The Speaking Body™ Dance   Sun 4:30-6pm                              Monica Gaydos

Beginner Pilates Mat Class       Tues 10am                                   Deirdre Adkins


Plein Air Art Competition                June 12 10am                        Ms. Vandenberg

Watercolor                                         Tues 3-5pm                              Marci Mason

Open Mosaic Studio                        Mon-Sun TBA                          Daviea Davis

Art Jewelry Workshops                  Mon-Sun TBA                          Carol Scheftic


Fiction the Fun Way                      Sat 11am-1pm                    Laurie McMillian

Connect Your Inner and Outer Worlds through Dreams    May 21 3pm    Eckankar Workshop

East End Performing Arts            Tues 5pm-6pm                   Jamie Fair

Mondo Italiano                              Mon-Thu, Sat TBA             Viviana Altieri

Six Weeks to Conversation: Spanish Class for Beginners

Thrusdays  1.00pm-2.30pm      Cindy Hayko


Music Together                                         Mon, Thu, Sat TBA         Karen Sloneker

Beginning Ukulele Lessons                    Thu  7:30pm                    Blake Mohler

Piano & Percussion Lessons                   by appointment              Amy Stubbs

large classroom space with tables and chairs in pittsburgh for classes

Open hardwood floor with mirrors for dance classes

Classes are held in a variety of rooms within the facility.

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