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Class Descriptions

Aikido Kokikai


Aikido Kokikai

Mon. & Thur. 8:15 to 9:30 pm; Sat. (by appointment) 7:15 to 8:30 am

Aikido Kokikai is a modern Japanese martial art using the momentum and reflexes of an attacker to evade and neutralize the attack. It does not rely on physical strength so it is well suited to people of all ages and sizes. Its principles for effective self defense technique apply equally well to resolving conflicts and living life well. Practice will develop your grace, flexibility, confidence, stamina, coordination and calmness. Join instructors Barbara Litt and Ryan Sims! Classes are for adults and youth (age 13 and older). Parent-child pairs may practice with instructor approval. For more information:, or visit Aikido Kokikai Pittsburgh on Facebook To register, or with questions, email, or phone 412-421-0454.


Barbara Litt, head instructor of Aikido Kokikai Pittsburgh, 5th dan, has taught Aikido at the WSCC since 1997. She began Aikido in 1988 in Princeton, NJ, and is now a senior student of Sensei Shuji Maruyama, of Nagoya, Japan, whom she sees several times a year, usually in the US. She teaches Aikido because the art has improved her life immeasurably and she wants to share this. Besides, it's really fun! She has also taught Japanese language and culture in public schools and currently at Carnegie Mellon.




T’ai Chi Ch’uan


T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Beginner Classes:  Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm, Saturdays 12:00 - 1:00 pm, Mondays 11:15 am - 12:15 pm 

Ongoing classes:  Sat./Sun./Mon./Tues./Thurs.

Tuition: $140/10 week session

For a complete schedule, to register, or for more informtaionsee

 T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese form of moving meditation that combines mindfulness, coordination of breathing and a graceful series of deliberate body movements.  It evolved in China as an art of self-defense and took it’s philosophical base from Taoism - a philosophy that encourages yielding and “going with the flow” rather than aggression and offensive action.

Intense concentration and focus are required in order to perform the T’ai Chi movements.  It thus becomes a moving meditation.  The body moves, the mind remains quiet and focused.  All distracting thoughts are eliminated.  We experience the eternal now.  Because of the emphasis on correct body mechanics, alignment, balance and mental focus, T’ai Chi can improve sport, dance and any human endeavor.  

Studies have shown many health benefits of T’ai Chi, including:  improvement of balance, prevention of falls, lowering blood pressure, strengthening bones, increasing circulation,  strengthening the heart, improving memory, relaxation, meditation and stress reduction. 

STAN SWARTZ has studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan since 1973 with four senior students of Grand Master Cheng Man-ching:  Robert W. Smith, Patrick Watson, Tam Gibbs and Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo.  Stan has taught in Europe, Puerto Rico, Florida and New York City.  In 1982 he returned to Pittsburgh offering beginning through advanced level classes.

PATTY SWARTZ has been studying T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Stan since 1988, also participating in workshops with Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo.  Patty teaches the Eight Methods of T’ai Chi for beginning students, T’ai Chi form classes, T’ai Chi workshops for Equestrians and private lessons for students with physical limitations.

Visit and call Stan & Patty Swartz @ 412.421.8580 for information and to register for class.



Salsa Classes EVERY Wednesday Night


Wednesday Evenings

Connie Durning, Instructor
7:00 - 8:00 pm: Beginner Salsa
8:00 - 9:00 pm: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Salsa
Singles and Couples welcome. Drop in anytime and pay $ 10 a class OR SAVE $$$ by purchasing an 8-class card for $ 55 (class card saves you $ 25!) Connie is available for private and group classes, as well as wedding dance lessons and choreography. For more info, contact Connie Durning via Facebook or email at

Beginning Waltzes


Mondays beginning January 26 7-8PM, 8 weeks | $60 

The class will focus on basic waltz steps, with an emphasis on the nuances of clear leading and aware following.  Much of what we teach concerns communication and connection with the music and with your partner.  We will teach American folk waltz, rather than Viennese or ballroom.  No partner necessary. Register with WSCC.

Waltz - Beyond The Basics



Mondays beginning January 26  8-9pm, 8 weeks Begins  | $60 

The class will use a variety of moves and positions as vehicles to refine the skills of leading and following.  We will work on fitting moves to the phrasing of the music and helping to make the waltz experience pleasurable for both dancers.  No partner necessary. Register with the WSCC.

Watercolor with Marci Mason



Watercolor Painting 

Tuesdays beginning January 6th from 3:00PM - 5:30PM, $9.00 per class, $54.00 per sessionClasses take place in 6 week sessions with one week off in between sessions. No classes in August or December.

 Watercolor is both challenging and wonderfully easy.  Learn all the aspects of painting with thisMedium.  Beginners and advanced students are welcome.  This is step by step instruction and a painting is done each week.  The instruction will get you to the point of completion at home if not complete in class. Paintings are done using a class supplied photo. Students supply their own supplies.  Instruction includes how to use salt, sponges, masking agents, texturing, mixing color and layering paint color.  Students learn landscapes, still life, florals, people (no portraits) and animals.  Call instructor Marci Evancho Mason (412)215-4289 or email or email or call WSCC.


Register here with the WSCC.

Open Mosaic Studio


 This window was a community build project with Daviea and hangs in the WSCC in memory of Jody Wetzel

Cost  $20.00 per two hour class/studio time.

The joy of mosaic making is offered by Daviea Davis. Once you learn, you are welcome to continue your use of the studio. This is great fun for groups!  To find out more information email Daviea at  . or leave a message 412 243 0925 (email is MUCH more efficient and coherent ).

Make a Memory Mosaic Window! Work one on one with Daviea Davis to create your own personal mosaic window. This is great fun for families, groups of friends, or individually.  To find out more information email Daviea Davis at .or leave a messege at 412 243 0925

Support your local, living, Artist Daviea Davis accepts commissions. contact Daviea at  or leave a messege at 412 243 0925

Music Together


Music Together is the "gold standard" of all early childhood programs. This research based family music and movement program supports all learning and is lots of fun for the whole family. Mixed age classes are for families with children 0-5, Big Kids classes are for children ages 5-7 (with or without a grownup), and Babies classes are for families looking for a gentle introduction to Music Together. Run by director Karen Sloneker, more information and registration is available online at or by calling 412.860-.9254. 10 week sessions begin in September, January, and April. The summer session is 6 weeks long and begins in July. Families unsure about registering are encouraged to attend a demonstration class or to visit a class. Just be sure to contact us first to make sure there is space available.

Art Jewelry Workshops with Carol Scheftic


Art Jewelry with Silver Bronze Copper Steel Metal Clay Metal Clays

Art Jewelry with Silver Metal Clay

One Saturday or Sunday each month; usually 12:30 – 5:00 pm,  $50 (each session) plus materials. 

One Weekday Afternoon or Evening each month; 1-4 pm or 6-9 pm, $35 (each session) plus materials. 

    You (yes, you!) can make amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry or other small adornments using easy powdered-metal products.  Beginners are welcome!  Each individual class covers one complete project; you can attend one and create one or two pieces of art jewelry, or attend several and learn new techniques each time.  (Ask about multi-session discounts.) 

    To register, contact Carol Scheftic at (best!), or leave a message for her at 412-956-5058.  Visit for more information on projects and schedules. 


Art Jewelry with Bronze / Copper / Steel Metal Clay 

Two half-day sessions; weekdays or weekends; usually $80 (total for both sessions) plus materials & select tools. 

    NEW workshops! More than a decade after "precious metal" (silver & gold) powdered-metal products hit the market with great success, "base metal" versions (copper, plus various bronze or steel alloys) have now also been introduced.  These metals allow us to make interesting color combinations, whether simply using two metals in a piece or extending their contrast though special patinas.  Each two-session workshop covers one complete project: we build pieces in the first class, and polish/finish them in the second.  Each project features one or more specific techniques, so you can learn new skills each time.  (Ask about multi-workshop discounts.). 

    To register, contact Carol Scheftic at (best!), or leave a message for her at 412-956-5058.  Visit for more information. 


Metal Clay Firing and/or Tumbling

By chance or appointment.  $10/load fine silver (base metal prices vary by product, and can be higher).

    Do you love working with metal clay but don't have your own kiln or tumbler?  Firing and/or tumbling services are available. 

    For more information or to schedule these services, contact Carol Scheftic at (best!), or leave a message for her at 412-956-5058.  Visit for more information.  


Art Jewelry Techniques – Open Studio / Private Lessons / Jewelry Parties

By chance or appointment. 

    Do you have a project you'd like to try?  A technique you'd like to learn?  A special person or event for which you'd like a unique piece of Art Jewelry?  Could you use time in a fully-equipped workshop to explore your own ideas?  Don't wait for a specific class!  Join an open-studio session or schedule a lesson in metal clay / powder metallurgy (silver, bronze, copper, steel) or other metal-smithing or jewelry-making techniques tailored to your interests on a day & time that work for you!  Come on your own, or gather a small group of friends:  we can have a party! 

    For more information about these opportunities, contact Carol Scheftic at (best!), or leave a message at 412-956-5058.  Visit for more information on sample projects, typical schedules, and site specifics (at WSCC, Carol's other venues, or how to bring Carol to a location of your choice). 

East End Performing Arts


East End Performing Arts 

For more information, or to register for our classes, please visit

Junior Musical Theatre – Grades Two through Four

Tuesdays, 5:00 – 6:00 PM, $56 per month

For students in grades two through four, this class is geared to the budding performer. It will concentrate on developing comfort working on stage with others, becoming familiar with theatrical and musical terms, and on freeing the imagination. Emphasis will be on theatrical games, with an introduction to scene work, and building healthy singing habits.


Musical Theatre – Grades Five through Eight

Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 PM, $68 per month

For actors in grades five through eight, this class will focus on the study and rehearsal of scenes from musicals, movies, and age appropriate plays. Through the rehearsal process, students will learn about notable shows, composers and performers, as well as grow as actors and singers themselves.


Teen Theatre Workshops – Grades Nine through Twelve

Sundays 2:30-4:00 PM, $136

Fall Session: October 5th through November 23rd

Spring Session: January 18th – March 8th


In each eight week session, high school actors will be exposed to fundamentals of acting that will strengthen their abilities through improvisation, scene study and rehearsal, learn how to break down a script, and explore various styles of theatre, from musicals to classical plays. Class participants will have input as to the focus of each session.


Private Instruction in voice, piano and audition preparation

Great for those auditioning for CAPA, school plays, or who wish to pick up a new hobby is available year round by appointment. Prices begin at $20 for 30 minutes. Please call or email for details.


(412) 871-3516 – --



Chicago Style Steppin'


Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm $5.00 per class

This is a beginners’ class of Chicago Style Steppin, a ballroom type dance, which has its origins in swing dance and bop. It was started in Chicago and has spread across the country. We, the Pittsburgh Steel City Steppers, are providing instruction here to bring the dance to Pittsburgh. One of the highlights of learning the dance is sharing with other Steppers in other cities. We have a connection with Steppers in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Raleigh, and other cities. In addition to our weekly classes, we have a monthly workshop with a certified Steppin’ instructor from Cleveland. Classes are open to males and females of all ages. No prior dance experience is necessary; people with two left feet are welcome as well! Partners are not necessary. Friend us on Facebook…Pittsburgh Steel City Steppers. We can be contacted at



Floral Watercolor



OCtober 6th Tuesdays 2015  10am-1pm

Explore painting a new flower each week with drawing, composition and painting instructions at the start of each class, together with handouts to help you get started.  All levels are welcome.  Beginners will be given special instruction from setting up your pallet to applying that first stroke of paint. Joann Leardi Portnoy, Instructor.  Registration:  412.366.5064 or Email:  Website:


WSCC Dance Center (See class descriptions)


2015/2016 Dance Schedule

The WSCC Dance Center offers a wide variety of classes under the direction of Kim Curtin. Learn to dance and feel good about yourself in a family oriented environment where everybody fits in! For more information or to register, call Kim Curtin at 412.829.5467. Below is the schedule of classes. Classes begin Monday September 14th.  


                        5:00—5:40                       Beginner Ballet II

                        5:40—6:20                       Beginner Jazz II

                             6:20—7:00                       Beginner Tap II           

                        7:00—8:00                      Intermediate Jazz

                        8:00—9:00                      Intermediate Tap


                             6:00—7:00                      Adult Tap I

                        7:00—8:00                      Adult Jazz II

                       8:00—9:00                     Adult Tap II


                        5:00—6:300                     Beginner Hip Hop (ages 7-11)

                        7:00—8:00                     Intermediate Hip Hop (ages 12 & up)


                        5:00—6:00                     Ballet/Tap Sampler (ages 3 & up)

                        6:00—6:45                     Beginner Ballet III

                        6:45—7:30                     Beginner Jazz III

                             7:30—8:15                     Beginner Tap III


                        10:00—11:30                  Intermediaté Ballet

                        11:30—12:15                  Pointé

                        12:15---1:15                    Adult Ballet


Piano, Drum and Percussion Lessons with Amy Stubbs

A passionate educator, Amy Stubbs maintains a thriving private practice in Pittsburgh, sharing her musical enthusiasm with percussion and piano students of all ages. Previously, she taught at the University of California Davis, mentored in Oakland East Bay Symphony’s Muse project, and coached the Oakland (CA) Youth Symphony. Amy Stubbs enjoys a varied career performing as timpanist and percussionist on both coasts. Timpanist with Pittsburgh Baroque Ensemble, Amy is also Principal Timpanist with Napa Valley Symphony and Principal Percussionist with Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. To schedule a lesson, contact Ms. Stubbs at 412.241.3786.

Argentine Tango Classes



Argentine Tango 

Sundays 4-8pm $70 for a series of 5 classes ($60 prepay) See website for a complete list of classes offered,

Learn the Argentine tango for the social dance floor, and techniques that make you in demand as a partner.  Warning: tango can be addictive.  It can be as seductively simple, or as complex as you want to make it.  It can express pleasure, passion or playfulness.  It requires connection and communication.  It may lead to torment or bliss.  We start a new session every 2 months throughout the year. Each session offers courses at four different skill levels.  The beginner course is repeated every session.  The Int/Adv courses vary from session to session.  Visit to see details about our course schedule, curriculum, instructors and registration.  For questions contact 412-661-2480 or email







Designed for students who are planning to travel to Italy, this very interactive and fun course focuses on practical conversation and situational skills that will make your trip to Italy even more enjoyable. During the 1- weeks, you will learn about the local customs, top travel destinations, local cuisine, shopping and more. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:



For those students who are looking for an intermediate conversational class that will offer practice of known structures as well as the opportunity to increase vocabulary and exposure to more comprehensive facets of the Italian language. This class will be an effective and enjoyable continuation of your Italian studies in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere! To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:


ITALIAN BOOTCAMP – 60 minutes of uninterrupted Italian (ADVANCED STUDENTS)

Advanced students will engage in role plays, conversations, debates, simulations of real-life scenarios, and much more of a high-intensity hour of language practice.To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:



This course is created with 'bambini' (children) in mind. The curriculum is designed to keep the young students engaged and interested in the target language through fun and interactive communicative activities. To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:



For those students who have had some exposure to the Italian language or have taken MONDO ITALIANO’s Beginner course, this class will be an effective and enjoyable continuation of your Italian studies in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Particular emphasis will be given to gradually building up your speaking skills while increasing your vocabulary and exposure to authentic material (videos, songs, audios in Italian). To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email: 



For those students who are looking for an intermediate conversational class that will offer practice of known structures as well as the opportunity to increase vocabulary and exposure to more comprehensive facets of the Italian language. This class will be an effective and enjoyable continuation of your Italian studies in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere! To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:


This course is designed for students who are already a satisfactory command of the Italian language are interested in developing stronger understanding of main ideas in complex texts, ability to extrapolate and discuss such ideas, interact with a higher degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible, without strain for either party. To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: For questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:


For those of you that are just starting to learn Italian or always wanted to learn Italian, this is your chance! This course will focus on building your basic conversation skills in Italian while also learning customs and elements of the Italian culture. To register online, visit MONDO ITALIANO at: For questions or to mail in your payment, contact Viviana Altieri at MONDO ITALIANO at: (412) 478-2681; Email:



Detroit/Urban Style Ballroom


Learn the smooth, cool dance steps of Detroit / Urban Style Ballroom.  This dance combines the smooth gliding of Greystone, the footwork of cha-cha and the spins of hustle.  You'll be dancing to Motown, R&B and a little bit of Jazz.  Add this class into your healthy lifestyle or start a healthy regime by taking this class.  It provides a low to medium cardio workout.  No partner necessary.  See you at class! Questions? Contact Darlene Halicki,  412.498.7623 or

Beginner Detroit Urban Style Ballroom Ongoing Tuesdays 6.45pm-8.15pm Wednesdays 5pm-6.30pm Saturdays (Saturdays  resume in September) 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Intermediate Detroit / Urban Style BallroomTwelve weeks beginning September  8th-December 1st (No Class 17 November)  $3.00 per class. You’ve learned the basics, now continue on.  We’ll work on more complex combinations & step patterns.  Kick up your dance skill level, fine tune your technique, and  develop a smoother style.  As always, we’ll drill…drill…drill…until you’ve mastered the steps.  See you at class!

Steel City Ukuleles Jam Session



 The WSCC is home base for the Steel City Ukuleles. Our bi-monthly sessions 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, accommodate a wide range of abilities. We welcome new-to-uke players, people who play for fun and those who have switched from a bulky guitar to the light and happy-sounding uke. At SCU, we teach and learn together: chords and alternate chords, strumming technique, picking out melody. We have a range of soprano, tenor, concert and baritone uke players, and members lead the sessions. We might play Five Foot Two, Darktown Strutters Ball and Pretty Baby. Or some Beatles, Blues or Jazz tunes. Do you, or someone you know, play the uke? You are invited to bring your uke and come play with us. It’s lots of fun.  If you don’t know the chords, just sing louder. 

For more information, call Marlene412-481-1620.

Beginning Ukulele I


Thursdays Beginning September 10th 7.30p.m. $135.00

If you have ever wanted to play an instrument but were worried that the learning curve might be too much…think again. The ukulele is making a comeback; join in the fun!! This 9 week course is a great introduction to this fun little instrument; great for parties, campfires and tailgating! You will be playing music by the end of your first lesson. No musical experience is needed. This beginner’s course is designed for the first timer. All you need is a ukulele, ukulele tuner and the willingness and desire to learn. Whether you want to play for personal interest or to become a part of the fast growing, worldwide community of ukulele enthusiasts like Steel City Ukulele group, you’ll find these classes lots of fun and a great place to start. Children are welcome (must be accompanied and assisted by an adult). Register here. Please Note: classes are between 60-90 minutes dependant on material covered in class.


Polish Kids Club



Every other Saturday, beginning Sept 7th, 10:30am-12:30pm |Ages 2-6| $35/month

Polish Kids Club is a new volunteer run Polish immersion program based in Pittsburgh. Over the last several years, our volunteers had the dream of opening early child development center with the hope of exposing children to the Polish language and its rich culture. Based on their own experience as moms, they understand the importance of providing quality Polish education through a kid-friendly, play-based program model, where children learn best through creativity and curiosity while building confidence in embracing a new language in a bilingual environment. Visit our website for more or contact us if you have any questions.



FLAMENCO CLASSES   Sundays from 3pm to 5pm $140 for one session $240 for two sessions

Level 1 - 3pm to 4pm  Level 2 - 4pm to 5pm  


This class introduces students to the basics of flamenco dance and culture. Level 1 course deals with technique (arm and hand movement, footwork, and basic phrasing). Level 2 course introduces choreography. Students are exposed to various flamenco rhythms and we all celebrate the end of the year with our Fiesta Flamenca, which is an opportunity to share what you've learn and spend some fun time with friends, family, and flamenco aficionados.

Questions or more information go to  Flamenco Pittsburgh or email To view a documentary by the instructor click here



Ageless Yoga


Saturdays  all year  10am-11am  $10 drop in PLEASE NOTE: NOVEMBER 14th CLASS WILL BE HELD AT 8.30AM IN THE DANCE STUDION ON FLOOR ONE

There is no denying that a yoga practice has multiple benefits specially for older adults from healthy bones to flexibility to anxiety relief. However, beginning a yoga practice as an older adult can be intimidating especially if there are any health conditions or the person is out of shape. These classes are designed to introduce and teach yoga in a safe environment and to learn the correct way to perform yoga poses to avoid getting injured. All levels welcome.. perfect for beginners. Breathing and Meditation will be incorporated in each class.


Cathy Reifer has completed 100 hours Level 1 Teacher Training from Amazing Yoga in Nov 2013 in Tulum Mexico. Cathy started to practice Vinyasa Flow Power Yoga 2006 after undergoing a total hip  replacement. Yoga has provided a safe path back to true health and wellness as well as a stronger more flexible body and new appreciation and gratitude for life. After turning 60 years old this year, with the

realization and reality of how fast life is moving, Cathy made the decision to take the next step and learn to teach. Being of the Baby Boomer generation herself she believes Yoga can only be a great asset in helping to accept the transitions of aging, body, mind and spirit, with grace, strength and gratitude. Cathy leads by example that you are never too old, or too injured, or not flexible enough to practice Yoga, the benefits are too numerous not to. Questions? Contact Cathy at


The Speaking Body™ Dance Class

Sundays March 8, 22, April 12, 26, May 17 & 31 4:30-6 pm

$60 pre-registration required

(Registration full for Spring 2015 Session – please inquire re: future sessions by emailing

Based on the principles of dance therapy and Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms® dance popular in New York City and London, this class for adults consists of stretching and moving through various rhythms of music together, exploring the connection of different body parts, and learning to express yourself and your creativity through natural movement. The rhythms we move through are Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. We end with a slow moving meditation to music and have time to talk about our experience at the end. A wide variety of musical styles provided. Please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and bring water. No previous dance experience necessary: all levels of experience and body types welcome—all that is necessary is an open mind and a willingness to explore movement.

Monica Gaydos has an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and has been a Five Rhythms® dancer in both New York City and London for the past 14 years. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) through EmbodiYoga™. Originally from Pittsburgh, Monica has returned from her studies and is excited to bring this creative, expressive dance form to her hometown. She believes that every human being is a dancer, and that if you can breathe, you can dance. She hopes that by creating a space where people can move freely and explore, her students will gain a new sense of body awareness, strengthen the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and learn to use movement as a tool to express emotions and make new creative discoveries. She also aims to create a safe environment in which participants feel nurtured and connected to a sense of community.




Risking Together: Writing in Community



Saturdays 10am – 12pm October 10th – November 21st (6 sessions, no class 11-14) $100

In this generative writing workshop, we’ll endeavor to write out on a limb; dig deep into the bitter and sweet—the beautiful chaos of our lives. We’ll write from in-class prompts, generate new poems, essays or stories, and venture into a relationship with the unknown as well as each other in the writing group. What are our passions and obsessions and the questions burning within them? How can we resist easy and often sentimental answers in our writing? Which memories vibrate with special color, mystery, tension or trouble? Together we’ll find courage to unravel our often fragmentary grasp of the truths of our lives. We’ll look at revision as a way to stretch, complicate and mess up our first drafts to deepen our exploration. All writing levels are welcome. Bring a notebook!

Registration is required. Direct questions to Laurie McMillan: or Sheila Kelly: about this workshop and/or regarding partial scholarships from The Ella Fund.


Laurie McMillan is a writer and nurse, who found passion as a certified therapeutic writing facilitator. She leads creative and therapeutic writing workshops in: art galleries, libraries, hospitals, nature centers, schools, yoga centers, shelters, and churches. The transformative nature of writing in groups gives people an uncommon opportunity to build a sense of community while sharing the creative process. Laurie is published in: Healing Muse, Loyalhanna Review, RN Magazine, Voices in the Attic and Dionne's Story and she’s the founder of the Squirrel Hill Pittsburgh Writers' Studio and a member of Madwomen in the Attic's writing workshops.

Sheila Kelly is a retired psychotherapist who received her M.A. in Psychology at Duquesne University. She has volunteered with gifted middle school writers for a decade and published their best writing in the annual, St. Bede's Quill. Sheila believes that a writing practice entails much more than the act of writing. It means building and nurturing a community of writers. A published poet, she is a member and regular facilitator of the Pittsburgh Writers' Studio, as well as a member of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange and the Madwomen in the Attic poetry workshops. Three of Sheila's plays received staged readings at the 2009 Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival.

Gentle Flow Yoga


Mondays at 6:30-7:30 No Class on Labor Day!

Yoga for anybody, any age! Great class for both men and women regardless of your fitness level. The focus will be on connecting basic poses with correct alignment. Perfect for beginners or students with experience who want to hone in on their skills. Drop in rate $10 per class.  Bring your own mat along with water, a small towel, and a block if you use one. I look forward to flowing with you! Any questions can be directed to Lauren at 



Belly Dance Mixed Level with Nawal



Mondays 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
$75 for Six Week Session start at any time $ 15 drop in fee

Nawal teaches
Egyptian Oriental style Belly Dance. Class starts with stretching warm-up
followed by drills on belly dance technique and ends with belly dance
combinations and choreographies. There are frequent opportunities to perform in
group or solo dances in the Pittsburgh area. Belly dance is a great exercise
for the whole body and is suitable for all. Please bring a yoga mat for floor
exercises. Wear dance or yoga pants and a tank top or sports bra. No previous
dance experience necessary. All ages and body types are welcome. Contact Nawal
at or call 412-298-6871 or view website Nawal Dances.
Braided Tote Bag


4 Mondays: Oct 5, 12, 26, and Nov 2, 6:30-8:30 pm $60 (includes supply kit)

Make a unique and distinctive tote bag out of scrap wool braids.  The techniques of rug braiding will be taught in this practical project.  No experience necessary. Class:  $40.  Kit:  $20 includes the booklet, tools and lacing cord you will need, plus one recycled wool skirt or pants.  You will need to bring some washed wool clothing to cut into strips, or else buy more fabric from the instructor.  (Wool sources:  Thriftique, Creative Re-Use, Red White and Blue Thrift Store).  Register with the WSCC here.

 Instructor:  Christine Manges

Christine has been braiding rugs since 2006 and teaches at rug braiding and rug hooking conferences throughout the US.  The author and co-author of two books on braiding, she has also written several articles and book chapters on various techniques in rug braiding.  She lives in Edgewood with her husband and two teenagers, 6 cats, 2 dogs, and a fish. See more of Chrsitine's work here.



Pie Baking Monday November 9th 7pm-9pm $15


Perfect your pie baking skills for Thanksgiving. Learn how to roll out pie crust. Bring a rolling pin and pie plate if you have them. We will have extras. Registration is required by November 3rd, register here now.. 


Holiday Table Runner


Monday November 30th and December 7th 7pm-8.30pm $30

Make a table runner for yourself or to give as a gift. Fabric and batting supplied. Bring scissors! For adults and children over 10 years of age. Register no later than November 23rd. Registration deadline is Novemeber 24th.  Register here. 


Gingerbread House Workshop


Sunday December 6th 3pm-4.3opm $20

Endless confections to build the home of your dreams. $20 per house, most families find one house to be just the right amount of fun! Pre-registration is required by December 1st. Register here.

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